Research shows that collaborative partnerships between parent and their childs school are the key to achieving the best possible learning outcomes for students.  


The Marist  College Ashgrove Parent Help Page links you to a variety of  helpful professionals at the College as well as extra services and information aimed at making your parenting job a little easier.


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Collaborative Partnerships  

How to Wean a Screen-Habit in Your Child: Four Places to Eliminate Screens

Many professionals and the vast majority of the literature on media literacy suggest “screen-free zones.” There are four places in your child’s life where screens should be eliminated. Based on the research available regarding children’s sleep, family bonding, and executive functioning; eliminating screens during these four times should give you the biggest results. By biggest results, I mean you will be minimizing many of the negative side effects associated with screen time in children.

I’ll make one more big claim: your life is going to get easier as a parent when you eliminate screens from these four places. read more